What should the bomber jacket look like?

Like any well-fitting jacket, the sleeves of the bomber jacket should end where the doll meets the hand. Anything shorter than this will make the sleeves look sloppy when you raise your arms, as they will rise even higher on your wrist making the jacket look small. Anything longer will look like the jacket is too big. A bomber jacket should sit slightly loose around the torso, looser around the arms and sit right on the hip bone.

If the jacket has elastic wristbands, they should slide right over the wrist, sliding slightly upwards in the hand. If the jacket has an elastic waist, it should fit just below the belt. Non-elastic bomber jackets should fall naturally in the same places. In general, the fit of men's bomber jackets should be tight but not too tight.

You should be able to close the jacket to the top. If you can close the zipper while wearing a light sweater underneath, you have a proper fit. If your bomber jacket has a minimalist design with little or no logo or label, you can definitely wear the jacket. However, when buying leather jackets, several factors should be considered, such as fabric, linings, seams, sleeves, zippers, designs and prices.

With roots in the army (created for the First World War bomber pilots, hence the name) and the masculine form, in addition to its historically elegant and practical features, mainly comfort, warmth and ease of movement, the bomber jacket is a traditional year-round essential in the men's clothing. Like a pea coat, they should not be covered below the waist, since fighter pilots and bombers, who originally wore these jackets, needed to twist their torsos quite quickly when engaged in dogfights. No one can deny his affection for these jackets, as they not only accentuate personality, but also increase confidence to new heights. In addition, it does not have the large front abdominal pockets, but rather it has casual jacket pockets.

This is because the thinner material and the looser fit are more appropriate for nylon bomber jackets (usually the MA-1 model). For a more casual look, try a leather bomber jacket, with the high-gloss material that creates a more intense, visible finish that instantly gives your outfit a more relaxed feel. The shoulder seams of the nylon jacket can fall half an inch beyond the broken shoulders, as it is a soft fabric, the nylon jacket will fit well on your shoulders without looking square. Different bomber jackets have different collars, so there are three different ways in which the collar should fit.

The elastic waist should reach slightly below the belt, it should not stretch too much after closing the jacket, a slightly snug but comfortable fit is what you should look for. Classic bomber models such as A2 and G1 were made of leather and had a slightly larger fit than modern nylon ones. However, despite all its advances and simple styling options, getting the right fit of a bomber jacket can be tricky, especially with its unconventional shape. Being one of the most popular trends with a long history, bomber jackets have become a global phenomenon that transcends borders, languages and cultures.