Who wears a bomber jacket?

A bomber jacket is a type of military flight jacket created for pilots and is now a casual jacket for men. Also known as flight jackets, bomber jackets were first introduced during World War I, but long-range bomber pilots most commonly wore them during World War II. These thick, well-insulated leather jackets were used to keep pilots warm during high-altitude rides during which the temperature inside the cabin regularly dropped below freezing. As the flight jacket became popular among civilians, the bomber was transformed to suit a more casual aesthetic.

In addition to looking stylish, a black bomber jacket is also versatile and can easily fit a variety of outfits. The silhouette of the bomber jacket became thinner, and the variations of nylon, polyester and wool became popular. For less formal jackets that you are going to wear primarily for warmth, you may want to try the more classic styles that have a wide cut on the arms and shoulders. The most common choice of outfit under a bomber jacket is a simple t-shirt, which makes it an excellent casual coat.

Try a brown leather bomber jacket with olive chinos and white shirt for a classic look that will make you feel at home in any situation. Most bombers land on the upper hip, but you can find long bomber jackets that include a tail that extends to the thighs. In addition to being more fashionable than other colors, a striking red bomber is also a great statement piece. From light blue to navy blue, the most popular blue bomber jacket outfit combines ripped skinny jeans, a shirt, white shoes and your favorite top.

An ivory plush sheepskin bomber looks very luxurious, especially when combined with similar tonal shades. Inspired more by the 70s than the 1950s, suede bomber jackets are an important piece to add variety to your outerwear. While this fashion piece is usually limited to casual events, bomber jackets can easily be included in smart casual dress codes. There are many types of bomber jackets, so if you want a jacket that will keep you warm in winter, you'll want to find one made of high quality materials and designed for both functionality and fashion.

Slim fit bomber jackets look great on their own, but they can make you look like a stuffed sausage if you put too many layers underneath. The olive-green bomber jackets are largely based on their military heritage, reflecting the monotonous green of the original aviators' jackets.