Why is it called a bomber jacket?

The first pilot bomber jackets were made of leather and leather, both highly insulating materials that were well suited to the cold and outdoor cockpits of World War I bomber planes. What we know today as a bomber jacket probably owes its name to these planes and their pilots. The bomber jacket comes from military clothing, which leaked into subcultures such as punk and has recently made its way into high fashion. The military bomber jacket was made to be versatile in functionality, as it was a lightweight jacket that kept air crews warm.

The B-15 jacket consisted of a fur collar made of cotton that was later changed to nylon after 1945, as it was considered more suitable because it was water resistant and prevented perspiration (Cruz, 201.Bomber jackets appeared in Europe in the late 1950s and in 1963, jackets were popularized by Fuerzas European Airlines and, eventually, the commercial consumer. This style of bomber jacket is known for a zip closure with windproof lapel and high collar. Some features of this style are the elastic cuffs and waist, which offered great insulation against the cold. With the advent of World War II, bomber planes flew at higher altitudes, but the cabins were unprotected from the cold.

The pilots needed an insulated and versatile jacket that would protect them from the elements but did not impede the controls of the fighter jet. This is how a shorter version was born. Although it was originally designed at the beginning of the last century by US college baseball teams. In the USA, the Varsity jacket has been inspired by bomber jackets to become what they are today by reflecting the silhouette of a bomber jacket.

You not only benefit from all the advantages mentioned above, but also from the fact that the resale value of a leather bomber jacket is high. With a dash of creative style elements and various options for functionality and detail, modernized bomber jackets are especially accepted by people looking for stylish pieces that complement their personal style or help them make a statement that describes who they are and what they are about. Based on their history, bomber jackets were initially designed to keep the wearer warm in extremely cold weather. The B-3 bomber jacket was introduced in the mid-1930s, made of sheepskin and lined with durable sheepskin.

The trend of bomber jackets inspired a large majority of fashion designers to reinterpret and revise the silhouette of current men's clothing. A foldable collar is another difference found in MA2 jackets, unlike the elastic collars of MA1 bomber jackets. The bomber jacket remained popular at the end of the 20th century as part of the grunge and street wear subculture, and retains its popularity today due in part to the “Kanye effect”. If you are looking for a vintage leather bomber jacket, make sure that the leather is not discolored in any area and check for any damage before reaching an option that you are comfortable with.

Although bomber jackets date back to 1917, during the First World War, little is known about this particular era. Traditional bomber jackets are cinched at the waist and nowadays must rest on the waist or hip line. As mentioned earlier, bomber jackets were created to protect pilots from the cold when they are at high altitudes. In the mid-1930s, B3 flight jackets were introduced, followed by a B series of jackets that were not only specifically called “flight jackets” instead of the previously named bomber jackets, but were also known for the sheepskin lining and sturdy sheepskin that were distinct in the awhile.

Between the 1960s and 1980s, bomber jackets were worn by British working-class skinheads who dyed their nylon bomber jackets burgundy and paired them with Doc Marten boots and skinny jeans. Although the first bomber jackets were large, they now have a slimmer design so that they rest relatively close to the body and allow for layering. A bomber jacket is designed to fit your shoulders and hips well, so avoid buying an oversized jacket as it will look thick and heavy. .